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João Guilherme DADDI • José VIANA DA MOTA

  • Sofia Lourenço, piano

GUILHERME DADDI was a key figure in Portugal’s musical life in the nineteenth-century. Amongst his compositions are a series of powerfully virtuosic piano pieces, largely based on popular operatic themes or else sequences of waltzes and other dances. From a later generation was JOSÉ VIANA DA MOTA, one of the great virtuosi of the time whose fusion of classical-romantic traditions with nationalist elements was inspired by Portuguese songs and dances.


Daddi, João Guilherme
Andante Cantabile () * (00:06:54)
Barcarola () * (00:05:42)
Douce Illusion () * (00:05:10)
Il Lamento () * (00:07:47)
Vianna da Motta, José
Cenas portuguesas, Op. 9 (1893) (00:11:02 )
No. 1. Cantiga d'Amor (00:08:04)
No. 2. Chula (00:03:18)
No. 3. Valsa Caprichosa (00:04:21)
Cenas portuguesas, Op. 18 () (00:14:17 )
No. 1. Canção do Figueiral - Ao Viatico (00:07:15)
No. 2. O Malhão - Canção d'Aveiro (00:05:23)
No. 3. Canção da Beira - Canção do Douro (00:06:42)
Serenata, Op. 8 () * (00:08:39)
Ballada, Op. 16 (1905) (00:09:45)
* World Première Recording
Total Time: 01:19:00

The Artist

Sofia Lourenço was born in Oporto, where she completed graduate studies at the Conservatory and University. From the age of ten she was a pupil of Helena Sá e Costa and was also guided by several distinguished pianists, including Sequeira Costa, Vitaly Margulis and Alicia de Larrocha. She obtained a Soloist Diploma at the Berlin Universität der Künste and was awarded a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship. She has been a professor at the Escola de Música e das Artes do Espetáculo do Oporto since 1991. She enjoys an active career as a performer in Portugal and abroad, with a number of recordings to her credit.


“It’s very pleasing that this music has found its way onto CD, especially Daddi’s highly appealing and tasteful works for piano. This is a very welcome CD that boasts real rarities.” – Piano News

“This is a must have album if you are a fan of Portuguese piano music from the Romantic era...This album features Sofia Lourenço in refreshing and emotionally rich performances.” – Record Geijutsu