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GRAINGER, Percy Aldridge (1882-1961)


  • Caroline Weichert, piano
  • Clemens Rave, piano

The essence of Percy Grainger’s music is most evident in his piano pieces. He took ownership of traditional and popular influences, rejecting outdated conventions to create works of ingenious variation, textures and moods. No catalogue of piano repertoire should be without a strong selection of works by Grainger, and this duo/duet programme covers the entire range of his spectacular genius in arranging and re-working popular musical material and making it entirely his own. Grainger’s sparkling talent can be heard throughout, ranging from the fantastically popular Country Gardens to the elaborate Fantasy on ‘Porgy and Bess’. Award-winning pianist Caroline Weichert has been praised for her “strong, crystalline tone” (Spiegel Online) in the music of Erwin Schulhoff (GP604), and Clemens Rave’s playing is consistently praised, including in his ability “to handle sound and expression [with] sensitive awareness” (Generalanzeiger Bonn).



Handel in the Strand, "Clog Dance" (version for 2 pianos) (1912) (00:04:39)
Molly on the Shore, "An Irish Reel" (version for 2 pianos) (1907) (00:04:46)
Shepherd's Hey (version for 2 pianos) (1913) (00:02:21)
Harvest Hymn, "Harvest Time in Sweden" (version for piano 4 hands) (1906) (00:02:25)
Country Gardens (version for piano 4 hands) (1918) (00:02:24)
Song from the Faroer Islands: Let's Dance Gay in Green Meadow (1905) (00:02:31)
Spoon River (version for 2 pianos) (1922) (00:04:27)
As Sally Sat A-Weeping (version for 2 pianos) (1912) (00:01:07)
Lincolnshire Posy (version for 2 pianos) (1937) (00:17:00 )
I. Lisbon (00:02:05)
II. Horkstow Grange (00:02:26)
III. Rufford Park Poachers (00:04:28)
IV. The Brisk Young Sailor (00:01:44)
V. Lord Melbourne (00:03:50)
VI. The Lost Lady Found (00:02:29)
Fantasy on George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess (1951) (00:20:59)
Total Time: 01:02:41

The Artist

Caroline Weichert was a pupil of Renate Kretschmar-Fischer at the Musikhochschule in Detmold, and also studied with Conrad Hansen, Vitaly Margulis and Yvonne Lefébure. A prizewinner at the Busoni, German Chopin and Schubert competitions, she has appeared regularly as a soloist with orchestras such as the Baden-Baden Philharmonie, Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie and the Telekom-orchester. She received a Discobole award from the Académie du Disque Français for her recording début featuring works by Shostakovich. Weichert’s first recording for Grand Piano, Schulhoff’s Piano Works Volume 1, received wide critical acclaim, including the prestigious Choc de Classica and Pianiste magazine’s Maestro awards.

Clemens Rave studied in Germany and the UK with Gregor Weichert, Vitaly Margulis and Peter Feuchtwanger, and has collaborated with Conrad Hansen and Sergiu Celebidache. Showing a particular interest in contemporary music, Rave has given a number of first performances of works by composers including Hemut Lachenmann, Edison Denisov, Jo Kondo and Luca Lombardi. He has appeared at concerts and festivals throughout Europe and the USA, and has made several recordings.

The Composer

The Australian pianist and composer Percy Grainger, an eccentric figure, may seem of marginal importance. Nevertheless he wrote a number of works that continue to give considerable pleasure, as do some of the remarkable arrangements that he devised. He became a friend of Grieg and of Delius and took a strong interest in the active collection of folk songs. He gave particular attention to the creation of music not bound by the traditional restraints of form and harmony. In 1918 he became an American citizen.

Instrumental Music

Grainger’s original instrumental music includes the delightful Handel in the Strand, intended for piano trio, piano quartet or string orchestra, and Mock Morris, for either string sextet or violin and piano, or again in arrangements for string or full orchestra. Harvest Hymn appears in various chamber or orchestral arrangements, while Walking Tune remains in its original wind quintet form. Folk-song arrangements for various groups of instruments, sometimes idiosyncratically described as with elastic scoring, include Early One Morning, Green Bushes, Molly on the Shore, Ye Banks and Braes and Shepherd’s Hey. Some of these were also arranged for large wind ensemble.

Vocal Music

Grainger wrote some original songs and choral music as well as solo and choral arrangements of folk songs. These include Irish Tune from County Derry, also arranged for wind band, Brigg Fair for tenor and chorus and The Men of Harlech for double chorus and drums.

Keyboard Music

Country Gardens, apparently derived from a medieval source, occurs in arrangements by Grainger for up to eight hands. Molly on the Shore is arranged for solo piano or piano duet, with similar versions of Shepherd’s Hey and Spoon River.


“The Bilder Duo, pianists Caroline Weichert and Clemens Rave, are frankly impeccable in this repertoire, technically spot-on and a lot of fun for the ears” – MusicWeb International

“Creative, well-crafted, and eminently listenable on many levels. ” – American Record Guide

WQXR (New York)

“The Bilder Duo offers a judicious, well-programmed sampling of ten pieces.” – WQXR (New York)

“our hands at one or two pianos despatch folksy Grainger and his Gershwin fantasy with lovely razor clarity” – BBC Music Magazine