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HOFFMEISTER, Franz Anton (1754 –1812)


  • Biliana Tzinlikova, piano

Franz Anton Hoffmeister occupied an important place in Viennese musical and cultural life. He was much respected as a publisher – his firm published works by Mozart and Haydn, and he was friendly with Beethoven – but also as a composer. He wrote at least eight operas, a substantial number of symphonies, and a large amount of music for the flute, a popular instrument amongst the wealthy amateurs of the time. He also wrote expressively and rewardingly for the piano, which had a similarly wide audience. This is the third and final volume in the series of the first complete recording of Hoffmeister’s sonatas ever to be released.


Keyboard Sonata in D Major (Politz Collection, 1797) () (00:14:01 )
I. Allegro (00:08:45)
II. Poco adagio (00:02:54)
III. Rondeau (00:02:24)
Keyboard Sonata in C Major (1780-1790) () (00:10:56 )
I. Allegro (00:06:57)
II. Andante (00:02:01)
III. Rondo: Allegro (00:02:20)
Keyboard Sonata in B-Flat Major (Politz Collection, 1797) () (00:00:00 )
I. Adagio (00:10:19)
II. Allegretto (00:02:46)
III. Variations: Andante (00:14:51)
World Première Recording
Total Time: 00:53:17

The Artist

Biliana Tzinlikova was born in Sofia in 1974. After piano studies at the Sofia State Music Academy (Marina Kapazinskaja) she moved to the Salzburg Mozarteum to work with Andor Losonczy and Christoph Lieske, completing her studies with distinction in 2001. She has appeared as a soloist and chamber-music player in important festivals and events in Europe and the United States. From 2003 to 2005 she was a member of the Munich Philharmonic trio and in 2004 made her début at the Vienna Konzerthaus, continuing to collaborate with leading musicians. She is interested in the work of living composers and in piano rarities from the past and has taught at the Mozarteum since 2001.

The Composer

Born in Rothenburg am Neckar, Franz Anton Hoffmeister went to Vienna to study law, leaving in 1778 to serve as Kapellmeister to a nobleman in Hungary. By 1784 he was back in Vienna, where he set up a music publishing business, establishing a close association with Mozart. In 1795 he signed much of his business over to Artaria. In 1800 he started another publishing enterprise with the Leipzig organist Ambrosius Kühnel, a business which later was taken over by C.F. Peters. Hoffmeister left Leipzig and returned to Vienna in 1805. He published works by many of his contemporaries.

Vocal and Instrumental Music

Hoffmeister contributed to many genres of music. For the theatre he wrote operettas, Singspiel and operas, as well as other sacred and secular vocal music. For the orchestra he composed 44 symphonies, 13 of which are lost and 15 published. He was particularly prolific in chamber music, with a quantity of string quartets and flute quartets among many other works, including trios, duo sonatas, and violin or flute sonatas, all very much in the accepted style of his time.


“Biliana Tzinlikova is an excellent advocate for Hoffmeister’s music. Her playing captures the energy and sparkle of Hoffmeister’s style, and she has a winning combination of an agile technique and a warm, singing tone. This recording, and Tzinlikova’s entire Hoffmeister series, is a delight through and through.” – Fanfare

“Fast movements are the most attractive and complex in figuration, with a fair bit of imitative counterpoint. Particularly fetching is the zany, off-kilter phrase lengths in I and III of the C-major Sonata, the second on the program. This last volume of Grand Piano’s Hoffmeister series has excellent close sound and alert, committed performances by Ms Tzinlikova.” – American Record Guide

“...Biliana Tzinlikova's delightfully brilliant playing... An enrichment not only for connoisseurs.” – DrehPunktKultur